Advantages and Production Process of Double Circular Knitting Machine

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Double circular knitting machines are a crucial component in the textile industry, offering numerous advantages and playing a significant role in the production of various knitted fabrics. These machines are known for their efficiency, speed, and flexibility, making them an essential asset for manufacturers worldwide.

Advantages of Double Circular Knitting Machine

1. Versatility: Double circular knitting machines are capable of producing a wide range of fabric types, including single jersey, rib, interlock, and more. Their versatility makes them an ideal choice for meeting diverse market demands.

High Production Efficiency

2. Double-Sided Fabric Production: These machines can produce double-sided fabrics simultaneously, increasing production efficiency and reducing manufacturing time compared to other knitting methods.

Economical Use of Yarn

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3. Yarn Savings: The double circular knitting machine's design allows for economical use of yarn, minimizing wastage and contributing to cost savings in the production process.

Flexible Fabric Design

4. Fabric Structure Variation: With these machines, fabric structure variatio

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n can be easily achieved, enabling the production of intricate patterns, textures, and designs to meet specific market trends and customer preferences.

Advanced Technology Integration

5. Advanced Technology Integration: Modern double circular

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knitting machines incorporate advanced technology for precise control of knitting parameters, leading to improved fabric quality and consistency.

Energy Efficiency

6. Energy Efficiency: These machines are designed to optimize energy consumption, contributing to sustainable manufacturing practices while reducing operational costs.

Automation and Labor Savings

7. Automation: Double circular knitting machines are equipped with automation features, reducing the need for manual labor and streamlining the production process for increased productivity.

Production Process of Double Circular Knitting Machine

The production process of double circular knitting machines involves several key steps, starting from yarn preparation and ending with the winding of finished fabrics onto rolls for further processing and distribution.

Yarn Feeding: The yarn is fed into the machine through feeders, where it undergoes precise tension control to ensure consistent and uniform feeding during the knitting process.

Knitting: The yarn is knitted into fabric on both sides simultaneously using the double circular knitting machine's rotating cylinder and stationary needle beds. This simultaneous knitting action contributes to high production efficiency.

Fabric Formation: As the fabric is knitted, it undergoes various treatments such as loop formation, fabric take-down, and compacting to achieve the desired fabric properties and structure.

Fabric Inspection: Once the fabric is formed, it undergoes inspection for quality assurance, where any defects or irregularities are identified and rectified to maintain high fabric standards.

Finishing and Winding: The finished fabric is then subjected to finishing processes such as washing, dyeing, and drying, after which it is wound onto rolls for storage, transportation, and subsequent utilization in garment production or other textile applications.


Double circular knitting machines offer a multitude of advantages, ranging from high production efficiency and fabric versatility to advanced technology integration and energy efficiency. Understanding the production process of these machines is essential for appreciating their role in the textile industry and their contribution to the manufacturing of high-quality knitted fabrics for diverse market needs.

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