Application Scope of Old Circular Knitting Machines

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Old circular knitting machines have been widely used in textile industries for many years. Although newer and more advanced knitting technologies have emerged, these older machines still hold significant value and find application in various areas of the industry. This article aims to explore the different application scopes of old circular knitting machines.

1. Production of Basic Knitted Fabrics

One of the primary applications of old circular knitting machines is the production of basic knitted fabrics. These machines are efficient in producing fabrics with simple structures such as single jersey, rib, and interlock. They are widely used in manufacturing t-shirts, underwear, and other everyday apparel.

2. Seamless Garment Production

Another significant application of old circular knitting machines is in seamless garment production. These machines can produce tubular fabrics without side seams or stitching. This allows for the creation of comfortable and form-fitting garments like seamless leggings, socks, and gloves.

3. Elastic and Stretch Fabrics

Old circular knitting machines are also suitable for the production of elastic and stretch fabrics. By adjusting the machine settings and using appropriate yarns, these machines can create fabrics with excellent elasticity and stretchability. Such fabrics are widely used in sportswear, swimwear, and athleisure clothing.

4. Textured and Patterned Fabrics

Three Thread Fleece Circular Knitting Machine.jpg

These machines can also be utilized to create textured and patterned fabrics. Different stitch structures, needle arrangements, and transfer techni

Computerized Terry Jacquard Circular Knitting Machine.jpg
ques can be employed to achieve various patterns and textures. These fabrics find applications in home textiles, upholstery, and decorative clothing.<
High Pile Jacquard Circular Knitting Machine.jpg

5. Jacquard and Intarsia Knitting

Some old circular knitting machines are equipped with jacquard or intarsia capabilities, allowing the production of intricate patterns and designs. These machines are ideal for creating complex motifs, logos, and images on fabrics. They are extensively used in the fashion industry for high-end garments and fashion accessories.

6. Sample and Prototyping

Old circular knitting machines are valuable tools for sample and prototyping purposes. They offer a cost-effective solution for testing new designs, yarn blends, and stitch structures before investing in large-scale production. By using these machines, manufacturers can evaluate the feasibility and quality of their ideas.

7. Recycling and Upcycling Projects

With the increasing focus on sustainability, old circular knitting machines have gained popularity in recycling and upcycling projects. They can be used to transform discarded fabric scraps or even old garments into new and useful products. These projects promote a circular economy and reduce textile waste.

8. Knitting Education and Training

Last but not least, old circular knitting machines are essential resources in knitting education and training. They provide a hands-on learning experience for students and aspiring textile professionals. Learning on these machines helps individuals to understand the fundamentals of knitting technology and enables them to develop practical skills.


In conclusion, old circular knitting machines have a wide range of application scopes in the textile industry. From producing basic fabrics to creating complex patterns, these machines continue to contribute to various sectors. Their versatility, cost-effectiveness, and eco-friendly aspects make them valuable assets in today's textile landscape.

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